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Well if you didn’t know already, Nicki Minaj & her Young Money boss Lil Wayne are much more than artists. They are brands; enterprises all their own. Apart from their music, they’re consistently aligning themselves with products and organizations that further represent the personas they’ve created for themselves, and the expansion continues. With two new endorsement deals with one of the largest soft-drink manufacturers in the world, two of YMCMB’s marquee acts are about to usher themselves into the upper echelon of artist-entrepreneurs.

Minaj has signed a 7 figure deal to become the face of Pepsi‘s new natural soda product called “Pop.” It’s scheduled to be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012, accompanied by an international commercial that was filmed in Argentina in February.

Wayne, on the other hand, unveiled his collaboration with the Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew brand at a huge concert during the South By Southwest Music festival in Austin, Texas. The multi-million dollar campaign called DEWeezy is guaranteed for a year, with an option to extend pending it’s success. Though most of the details have been kept under wraps, Derek Jackson (the man who brokered the deal) has said that the deal includes an option for Pepsi & Mountain Dew to finance an original film with Wayne at the helm.

Often times, people forget that music is indeed a business. You don’t have to like their music, but you can’t deny that they’re making excellent business moves that will catapult them into the next stratosphere. Stay tuned for more information as the campaigns unfold.


gif via [DEWeezy]