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I’ve always enjoyed watching other people’s creative process. I like to know what drives people to tell their stories, or create their art. It’s inspiring. If you share the same sentiments, you’re in luck.

In promotion of her highly anticipated sophomore album The MF Life, Melanie Fiona is giving her fans a behind the scenes look at how the project was created. Track by track, Melanie discusses the stories that inspired her latest opus. Check out part one here, and part two after the jump.

The MF Life is in stores and online next Tuesday, March 20th.

Sidenote: Melanie Fiona just split from her longtime boyfriend Adam Rodriguez (of CSI fame) after 3 years. He was her co-star in the video for her break-out hit “It Kills Me” and is rumored to have been the inspiration behind many of the heartbreak driven records on her new album. More at NecoleBitchie.