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Today, in our new artist spotlight, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a rising MC from Chicago. His name is Rello, and he’s on a mission to inspire his peers and the world with the positive message in his music. Get to know Rello, and you’ll realize why he’s one artist you need to keep your eye out for:

Andrea: Introduce yourself to the people on TheUptownLounge that may not be familiar with you!

Rello: How are you doing, my name is Rello Dreamer. I’m 19, from Chicago, Illinois and I’m inspiring the world to chase their goals and dreams without limits.

A: Awesome! So talk to me a little about how you plan to inspire young people, and why it’s important to you. 

R: I feel it’s important because, when you hear music nowadays it’s all about killing people, selling drugs, calling females out their names… And there’s more to making music than that. There’s so many ways you can make music, and it’s really more than music… It’s everyday life. So I feel the kids need to hear my message and understand that being positive only brings positive things.

A: We talked briefly earlier about you being in school (Note: he’s studying Audio Engineering at Columbia College Chicago.) Talk to me a little about why it’s important for you to be in school studying & perfecting your craft?

R: It’s important to me because you never know what may happen with this music thing. It’s always good to have a back-up plan, but I have faith in my career. I also just wanted to do something different in life and continue with my studies.

A: Great. You’re from Chicago. Chicago has a great musical lineage. A lot of great hip-hop artists are from there, from Kanye West to Common. Who inspires you, and how did you get started as an MC?

R: The main person that inspires me from Chicago is Lupe Fiasco. It’s so crazy because he and my label owner are really cool, and I record in the same studio Lupe records in. I know all the engineers who mix his projects, they mix my projects too. So I’d have to say Lupe Fiasco is the most inspirational because of the realness he brings to the game. He stands alone. He has his own lane and he believes in what he believes in. Nothing can change that.

A: Okay, so when did you get started rhyming? I read a little bit about you, and I saw that you had been a singer, and that you started singing in the choir. So talk to me about that and about when you started rapping.

R: I had been in the church choir since I was nine years old, so I always had a passion for music. I actually wanted to be a singer at first, until I got older and realized I couldn’t really sing. (Laughs) Well, I wouldn’t say that I couldn’t sing, but when my voice matured I couldn’t hit the notes I’d usually hit. I was rapping one day at school and  this dude came to me like “My dad has a record company” and I said “Ok”. I never wanted to get a record deal, I’d never thought about being a rapper until the day I met Mathaus and that’s the label owner. I rapped for him, he liked me, he put me in the studio, and it’s been history since then.

A: Awesome. Lets talk a little about your upcoming EP “Dreamers”… What can people expect to hear on that project?

R: Creative minds & goals. You can expect to hear great music, positive music that’s inspiring, influencing, motivating… and just telling people to stay positive while dreaming without limits.

A: …and when is that project scheduled to drop?

R: March 19th!

A: Finally, What encouraging words or advice would you give someone around your age or a little bit younger who is doing the best that they can to make the right decisions in life?

R: Stay true to what you believe in. There’s so much negative stuff going on and you can get easily caught up in anything and wrapped up into the society. So stay true to your first mind, stay positive and you can never go wrong!

A: Great tell everyone on TheUptownLounge how they can get in contact with you!

R: You can always follow me on Twitter @ChiKarmaDreams. Follow me right now, as soon as you hear this! You can go to my website MathausEntertainment.com, Facebook: Rello Dreamer. Get in contact with me & support the movement!

A: Thank you so much for checking in with us here on TheUptownLounge.com!

R: You’re welcome!

Look for more from Rello in the coming weeks here on TheUptownLounge! For now, check out this track “Life Is But A Dream”