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The Uptown Lounge loves new artists… and we hope you do to. After all, the next generation of musicians and artists will be tasked with pushing the culture forward. It’s our hope that we can introduce you to these artists while their on the cusp of greatness, so you can spread the goodness to all of your friends.

Today, please allow me the opportunity to introduce you to Miami-based artist Jadeau. He brings an interesting synthesis of electronic, acoustic, and R&B influences on his debut single “Lonely Valentine”. Here’s what he has to say about the track:

‘Lonely Valentine’ is an emotional reflection of the paradox of loneliness; Jadeau both craves and loathes being alone. The healing process of losing a loved one challenges us to move forward with a soulful, positive approach, and music proves to be one of the healthiest facilitators of the process.

If that sparks your interest, hit play on the track below:

What do you think? If you enjoyed it, make sure you stay tuned for more from Jadeau in the near future on The Uptown Lounge.