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Fashion at the 2012 Grammys was certainly a sight to see. Gorgeous gowns, tailored suits, eclectic  ensembles, and reaction pieces. There were a definitely some hits, but there were definitely some misses as well.

When you think of fashion at the Grammys, fun, eclectic pieces come to mind. However, the key is to stay fashionable. Lady Gaga, in all of her story-telling pieces, has always managed to remain fashionable. Let’s see which celebrities hit the mark, and who failed to meet Grammy fashion standards.

Rihanna in Armani

I would have to say Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow tied the position for best dressed woman of the night. Rihanna in this black  Giorgio Armani dress, which she helped designed, was flawless. She told interviewers that the dress was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the movie Scarface. The dress was paired with several pieces of understated gold jewelry, and it was perfection. She had gold rings, bracelets, a gold arm band, and a simple gold body necklace that hung from her neck and continued to her lower back. Ms. Rihanna is always a fashion favorite at any award show, and she’s done it again.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

Very similar to Rihanna was the gown worn by actress-turned-singer, Mrs. Paltrow. Gwyneth wore a black, Stella McCartney, cutout gown, and her look was surperb. She was fashionably complete! The embeded gold belt was just enough that she had no need for jewelry, and her was pulled back. Sleek and chic Mrs. Paltrow!  Check out a pic of the two together showing off their fabulous dresses!

Nicki Minaj in Atelier Versace

This was simply a reaction piece. Like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj is always in character, yes, but somehow manages to almost never be fashionable. This was not flattering on her petite body frame. There was simply too much fabric. Her makeup was flawless, but sadly, that’s wear the compliments end. It would be a true shocker to see Ms. Minaj in something that isn’t so outrageous. Something that makes a statement, but is also fashionable. We can only hope for the best in the near future.

Katy Perry In Elie Saab

This gown is beautiful, however, it matures Katy in an unpleasant manner. Had she worn her hair down, reviews about the ensemble may have been different. The pulled back hairstyle, in addition to the color and make of the gown, did not make for a very appealing Katy. It is okay to go for a mature look, but remembering to keep in the essence of your personality within a look is key.

Adele in Giorgio Armani

2012 6 time Grammy winner, Ms.Adele! Elegant, beautiful, regal, and flawless these are the only words adequate enough to describe this songbird. Although she is only 23, Adele wears the mature look very well. She truly sparkles in this number!


Drake cleans up very well! He looked outstanding in this classic, sleek number! He’s tailored to perfection and looks amazing! Good going Mr. Graham!

Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferreti

Kelly looks beautiful as usual. Her body is perfection, and the gown was perfection as well! She could have toned the jewelry down a bit, because the dress has so many embellishments. Nevertheless, she’s a sight for sore eyes! She gets an A-!


Another handsome man in a tailored suit; what more could a woman ask for! J.Cole’s suit was fit to perfection and the sheen of the suit is chic and still masculine! The red pocket square was great, and his mom looked great as well. Wonderful!

Kings of Leon

3 men. 3 styles. 3 suits tailored to perfection. These 3 nailed it and they look spectacular. Nothing more to say!

Giuliana Rancic in Georges Chakra Couture

This was simple and safe. Fashion is ALL about trial and error! Rancic seems to look the same at every award show. From the hair to the simplicity of the dress, its always the same. To be a host of the E! Fashion Police more is expected! No A for effort! Ms. Rancic gets a B-. Try something new and refreshing!

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier

Fergie looks great! She could have tried nude undergarments, which would have been a little more chic, but then she wouldn’t be Fergie! The color is great, her accessories are  simple and chic. She nailed it!

Jesse J 

Jesse J brought in her first Grammy Award ceremony with a fashion bang! The mirrored embellishments on this dress are beautiful. She looks stunning and the dress fit her like a glove. The classic bob she always wears would have been more fitting with the dress, but her pulled back ponytail looks great too. Job well done!
Fashion is all about trial and error, and some of these celebrities tried very daring looks! Although some were a bit more risque than others, they all stepped out in confidence! From Armani to Versace, these celebs put on quite a show!