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Last night on The Game:

Jason and Chardonnay kick off the episode in the movie theater. They find common ground after realizing they’ve both sneak snacks into the show, and talk back to the screen. Finally coping with his feelings, Jason tells Chardonnay that he wants to continue seeing her after their annulment is finalized. She buffs it, and suggests that they go their separate ways once everything is legally settled. Not willing to accept that answer, Jason calls Derwin and Malik to the set of his sports show (yep, he’s back at it with a show called The Pitts Stop) for advice. After getting over the shock of Jason marrying a black woman, they encourage him to show Chardonnay who he truly is. After he’s rejected again, he decides to date a few other black women, only to realize that they aren’t monolithic, and that what he’s found in Chardonnay is special.

At his wit’s end, he pays a visit to Tasha Mack, who explains the “plight of black women” and proclaims Steve Harvey to be a prophet. Equipped with all of this new knowledge on black women, he makes a final appeal for Chardonnay’s heart. After almost striking out with her yet again, he gets her to agree to continue seeing him by putting his ego aside and convincing her that she was everything that he wanted.

Since it’s football season, Derwin hasn’t had much of a chance to attend church. After finding out that Melanie had become a member of a new house of worship without telling him, they visit, and Derwin is shocked to find that the church has a VIP section…and that Melanie has been notorious for asking the pastor to hold church until she’s ready for it to start. This doesn’t sit well with Derwin, and when Sunday rolls around again, he forces Melanie to sit in the back of the church with the “regular” folks. After being harassed by other people on their pew (one asks for an autograph on the pages of his Bible, the other for $100 to get his cell phone turned back on) both Melanie and Derwin are physically uncomfortable. Their attitudes turn however, after an elderly woman stands in the congregation to ask for help paying her daughter’s medical bills. She had already given all she could, even going as far as selling her car. You can tell that their hearts were touched, but in a deleted scene, you’ll see that not much has really changed, although they found a way to help the woman in need. Check it out below:

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I’m glad they left that on the cutting room floor. Had it been a part of the original episode, I would have hated Melanie even more than I already do. I will admit that the only bright spots of this episode (no pun intended) were the ones that featured Jason. The season is going in a downward spiral, one that needs a quick recovery if there is any hope for a sixth season.

What did you think about last night’s episode?