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Have you ever felt like you’ve played the background? Do you always feel like you’re a member of the supporting cast… but never really have a chance to step into the spotlight on your own? Maybe you’re scared to step out on your own, or maybe you don’t think you’re story is one that deserves to be told?

On this Monday morning, I challenge you to find your voice. One of my teachers impressed upon me that no matter what it looks like, there is ALWAYS a story to be shared. The things you’ve been through, the things you’re struggling with now, and the things you’ve survived are all foundation for a story that could help someone else make it through. You never know how your triumphs, trials, and success stories may encourage someone along the way. Find your voice today.

In the following clip features actress Viola Davis speaking to the press last night following her two major wins at the SAG Awards. She tells the story of finding her voice, and what an integral role it played in getting her to the place that she is now. Watch, and have a great day: