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When you’re living “the life” its hard to ask yourself what would happen if the money were to just go away. Unfortunately, former All-Pro NFL receiver Terrell Owens is living through the answer to that question on a daily basis.

After the Cincinnati Bengals failed to renew his contract last year…and no other teams showed any signs of interest in picking him up, Owens was left jobless. With no income, and paying a total of $46K/mo in child support, his financial situation was less than desirable. The millions he’d made with contracts and endorsements had largely been spent on taking care of his extended family members, and another large sum had been siphoned by a man he once called friend. 

In a revealing feature with GQ Magazine, Terrell shares the cautionary tale of a man who’s desperately trying to rebuild his life after falling from his perch at the top. In the article, he dispels rumors of two alleged suicide attempts, and discusses his falling out with his former publicists/friends Monique & Kita (whom fans came to know from their appearances on his VH1 based reality show.) After the final season of the T.O. Show, they began shopping their lives as a reality program…something Terrell thought was disrespectful as their business partner.

It’s a sad story, but it should serve as a lesson to all of those being less-than-cautious with their funds, and those who aren’t careful about who they bring into their circle.

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