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After being noticeably absent from last week’s episode, Jason Pitts took a front seat to the action last night.

Still dealing with the new realization of his blackness, and coping with life after football, Jason finds himself paranoid about racism that he will undoubtedly face now that he has accepted his heritage and is living outside the spotlight. He finds himself out with a group of Chardonnay‘s friends (including Kel Mitchell and comedienne Tiffany Haddish) who explain to the concept of Driving While Black. He then finds himself in a sticky situation after shopping at a DTLR store, when he and a white guy exit the store at the same time, and alarm sensors go off. The white guy is excused by the associate without a bag check, but Jason was subject to a search. After expressing his displeasure with being pegged as a thief, (no doubt, due to his color) and negating his arguments with a couple of failed attempts to quote Dr. King and Malcolm X, the associate explains that she knew he had set off the alarm simply because the cashier who rang him up had been leaving sensors on clothes all day. He’s free to go, only to be called “blackie” by a driver who almost hit him in the parking lot. Still reeling, he hightails it over to the bar for a little support from Chardonnay. After a few words of encouragement, Jason shows his appreciation with a kiss. Cute.

Tasha and Melanie’s war of words continued over the Sunbeam fashion show. Tasha was chairing the event and had enlisted the design skills of Linethia NeNe Leakes (of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame) to create the garments for the runway. NeNe presented a line of sweatsuits, to which Melanie scoffed at, and referred to as ghetto. She devises a plan to take over the show, but of course, she doesn’t tackle the issue head on. Instead, she enlists the assistance of a random Sunbeam to do her dirty work for her. It doesn’t go over well, and Tasha promptly makes her exit from the Sunbeam circle, seemingly for good.

In an attempt to solidify his role as team captain, Derwin invites new hotshot quarterback Quan Kirkland out for a post-game celebration with the rest of the team. After being rejected twice, Derwin decides to “man-up” (side-eye) and confront Quan in the locker room, in front of the whole team. After Quan promptly puts Derwin in his place by telling him he was on the team to win championships, not make friends, the rest of the team turns on Derwin too. To add insult to injury, Malik, who’s been riding the bench as a result of his reckless actions last season, reminds Derwin about his own betrayal, firmly asserting that they still have bad blood after Derwin neglected to stick up for Malik in meetings with the team owner.

In the next episode: Chardonnay tells Jason that she just doesn’t see any future in their relationship, leaving him to explore his new found appreciation for black women. (Sigh).

So… what do you guys think about the season thus far? High on drama, a little lower on the laughs…but still worth the 30 minutes every Tuesday night? Let me know!

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