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A lady can always appreciate a man that takes pride in his appeareance. Do you?

The days of baggy shirts, jerseys, and high-top sneakers are long gone! Step out of your comfort zone and step-into tailored. There is nothing worse than seeing a handsome man in ill-fitting clothing. Let’s get you caught up on the latest tips for men’s fashions!

Chinos, Chinos, Chinos! Chinos have been around for decades, they are classic and they are a part of  American men’s fashion! The ultimate pant for men. Comfortable, and simplistically fashionable. Chinos come in several fits and colors. You can pair them with a cardigan or a polo, put on some loafers and you’re set! Get a pair, or two, or three, every man needs them!

When in need of fashion updates you have several options. ItsNotforGirls.com gives you everything you need! They have tips that vary from a sneaker guide, to how to wear your shorts, to what to wear on a first date. The site is specficially for men, use it!

To get colors for the current season go to Pantone.com, they will keep you updated on the color trends for men. GQ has a Style Manual that you can buy an app for, or purchase off of Amazon. The manual gives awesome advice on style, how to wear your clothes, politics, and entertainment. Also, for my guys that want to transform wholeistically, Enitan Bereola has written Bereolaesque, an etiquette book for men. This book gives you the guidelines to becoming the modern day gentleman, great read!

Remember no matter your personal style, keep it tailored! Style is not sexist, try out some new looks, see what works for you. Fashion is ALL about trial and error, don’t be afraid to mix it up!