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Often, we neglect to pay tribute to those who’ve paved the way for us. You have to know and pay homage to your history. All of you soul fans should be familiar with Etta James. Before succumbing to cancer last Friday (1/20/12) she was (and still is) regarded as one of the greatest vocalists of our time. Her bluesy soul-tinged ballads were staples in the 50’s and 60’s, but thanks to the film Cadillac Records, her music was introduced to a whole new generation.

If I had to select a favorite Etta track, it would be “I’d Rather Go Blind”. It tells the story of a girl who’s struggling with moving on from an old love, after seeing him with someone new. You can feel the pain through the speakers. Emotion-laden, but very, very powerful to listen to. While Beyonce did a great job of covering the track in Cadillac Records, I prefer the original. Check it out below:

Etta James’ legacy will live on through her music. I’d encourage you to check out her full catalog on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you legally cop your music.


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