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When you get dressed in the morning your outfit should be complete from head to toe. Adequate and perfectly balanced and accessorized. Often times we forget about the one accessory that has been with us since birth and will never be lost, broken, or get old. Our NAILS!

Just as any other item in your wardrobe, nails need styling too! You can go classic with a French tip or nude, girly with a hot pink, or get eccentric with a design. They are an extension of your style and should be maintained like everything else in your closet.

As a woman, your nails are the simplest most important component of your wardrobe. You place them on your hips while taking photos, you use them to demonstrate while talking, and they even draw attention when you use them to slightly brush hair back from your face. As Beyonce states in her popular song Video Phone “You say you like my bag and the color of my nails, you can see that I got it goin’ on,” men notice too!  No need in accessorizing with a ring if you don’t have the hands to match!

Check out a few styles on the web, nail polish has come a long way. For my eccentric readers OPI has a line of Crackle polish that is pretty awesome. For the more conservative, OPI also has the colors Samoan Sands and Kiss My Francey which are very subtle and romantic. There are techniques such as color-blocking and Minx you can also try out. Like I always say, fashion is all about trial and error, don’t be afraid to mix it up!