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If you missed last night’s episode of The Game… don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this episode was definitely not as high on drama as the last week’s two-episode season premiere. The half-hour format makes it hard to squeeze in all of the characters, thus the absence of Jason Pitts and his new wife Chardonnay this week.

After the fall-out between Derwin Davis Enterprises (at the hands of “C.E.O.” Dr. Melanie Barnett-Davis) and Tasha Mack Management, the remnants of the relationship still linger. Derwin reveals that he’s re-signed Irv Smiff as his manager, and that Irv had finalized a Verizon endorsement deal that was initiated by Tasha before she was fired. Everything is well and good, until Tasha decides to sue Smiff and the Davis’ for the money she’s owed for securing the deal.

Derwin tells Melanie not to get involved, and Melanie’s control and insecurity issues rear their ugly head for the fiftyeleventh time. Not wanting to hear any of it, Derwin promptly reminds his wife that his hands bring the money in, (by sneaking a couple of “you wasn’t with me shootin in the gym” style lines Melanie’s way…) and hopes that would settle the conversation. Think again Ding Dong.

If you know Melanie, you know that she wouldn’t resist meddling. In an effort to solidify her place as C.E.O. of the Davis Family and business, she storms into the legal mediation, to try to tell Tasha off by offering a “non-negotiable” settlement sum. Tasha scoffs, presents irrefutable evidence that completely swings the case in her favor, and then makes plans to rightfully collect the 10% she’s owed. Melanie’s left to sulk, and figure out away to tell her husband that he’d be paying double what he should have paid, had she just left well-enough alone.

Malik sits down to meet with his financial adviser only to discover that his wild spending habits have caught up with him. After taxes, his $80 million contract became $40 million, and the entirety of that sum was spent on building his massive mansion. His adviser puts him on a $25K/month allowance (insert real tears here) and forces him to sell his Aston Martin and his Bentley. Malik’s pride wouldn’t allow him to tell his best friend T.T. that he wouldn’t be able to throw him a birthday bash, and he agrees to foot the whole bill. He racks up a huge tab, (which included buying champagne for singer Estelle, NBA star Shawn Marion and a bevy of random groupies) in accordance with the unwritten “baller’s code”. At the end of the night however, when faced with settling his debt, he did the only thing he knew to do… he called his mom. Tasha pays the tab, but not before scolding Malik for being every stereotype in the book. He knows he’s wrong, and dramatically hangs his head in shame.

Both story lines this week are foreshadowing of what’s to come. We’ll see a big rehashing of events and a make-up between Tasha & Melanie, and Malik spiraling out of control again into the very near future. All of his negative choices will come to a climax before the season’s over…which will force his mom to drop him as a client.

Next week: More tension between Melanie & Tasha as they plan a Sunbeam Fashion Show, and Jason deals with more race issues when he’s profiled & stopped while shopping in the mall.