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After sparking up a little controversy about sexuality in hip hop, Odd Future‘s Syd The Kyd is about to be thrust even further into the spotlight. There aren’t many openly homosexual artists in music, ESPECIALLY not in urban music… and even more specifically hip hop. But Syd, the lone female in the OFWGKTA collective, took a step into uncharted territory by coming out in the [NSFW] video that accompanies her group The Internet’s single “Cocaine”

For those of you that haven’t been introduced to The Internet’s music, please allow me to direct your attention to their recently released album Purple Naked Ladies. Name, strange. Music, dope. As a duo, comprised of singer/DJ/producer Syd The Kyd and producer Matt Martians, The Internet’s sound is urban alternative (much like The Weeknd, or Frank Ocean); infused with soul, hip hop, rock and electronica influences. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks:

They Say (ft. Tay Walker)

Love Song -1

You can purchase Purple Naked Ladies on iTunes, and read Syd’s full commentary about being lesbian in the industry here.