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Jane by Design is a new show on ABC family that airs every Tuesday night at 8p (Central). The show is about a teenage girl named, Jane Quinby (Erica Dasher), that tries to balance a double life as a High School Student by day and a Fashion Executive Assistant the rest of the time. Her quest to balance school and work begins when she gets a job as an assistant to an executive, Gray Chandler Murray ( Annie Macdowell). A well known fashion/ Accessory designer of Donovan Decker, during a case of mistaken identity. But, to her colleagues at Donovan Decker she’s an a fashion savvy young adult but in reality she is a socially awkward high school girl trying to save her family home. Jane’s life is pretty hectic and cool all in the same. As the episode unveils more fashion followed drama by happens by the second.

With the show being set in the “World Of Fashion.” I have decided to provide you with an weekly Uptown Lounge “Fashion Breakdown” of Jane and her Cast mates’ various fashion styles and outfit choices for this season. Since the show is called, Jane by Design, it would only be fitting to have this week’s breakdown feature her.

In the pilot, Jane’s selections are tasteful, and laced with a ton creativity, texture and flare! The Outfit she put together for the interview, that landed her job was a red, gold studded belt that she made; her look was geared towards the late 50’s style with a modern twist.

The throughout the episode Jane’s Style does not fail or fade even when she is in her chill clothes. I definitely can say she which kept me “on my toes” ; And, I am excited to see what Jane & friends put together next! As I look more into her style for each episode, I’ll keep you posted.

Jane wore this ensemble to her interview with Gray.

(Image by ABC Family)

If you’ve missed the first episode, it is free to watch and here is the link. Enjoy!

Jane by Design- Episode 1: Pilot

Oh Yea! Make Sure you Tune in to tonights episode on ABC Family @9/8 Central (check Your Local Listings). Check back with Me next week for the Uptown Lounge Fashion Break Down– of Jane by Design