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After a whole lot of drama over the summer and weeks of missed games, the NBA is back in session. While I’m sure most players are elated to be employed and playing the game they love once again, last season’s, MVP Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has even more to be excited about.

After signing a $94.8 million contract extension with his team,  the 23-year-old is now reportedly set to sign a “lifetime” (10 year) endorsement deal with Adidas, worth a quarter of a billion dollars. According to reports, the higher ups at Adidas believe he’s their ticket to shaking up the market stronghold that Nike has on China, which is driven by the popularity  Kobe Bryant. Adidas has been working to inject new life into their brand, with recent partnerships featuring artists like Big Sean, B.o.B and Kendrick Lamar.

There’s been no confirmation from either party but if the deal goes through… Derrick’s also going to need a deal with a baseball bat company… to fight off all of the groupies.

spotted at [HYPEBEAST]