For quite a while, my friends and I have had the urge to go thrifting. The experience of thrifting is pretty unique. There isn’t a specific characteristic about thrift stores because there’s always new arrivals daily.

Thrift stores are perceived to be inexpensive yet (maybe in your area) there are expensive ones.

Here are some Successful Thrifting Steps to start your adventure:

Step 1: To be open-minded. Anything and everything can be a treasure.

Step 2: Have a goal. Figure out the style you’re trying to achieve and stick to it. Also set a budget.

Step 3: Be aware of specials. Specials are your bestfriend! For example, the thrift store I go to, every Saturday there’s a “$5 bag special”, which means customer is given a 13 gallon bag and fills the bag. Whatever is in the bag is $5 total.

Step 4: Be comfortable. Most thrift stores require a grand amount of walking… so wear flats or no heels.

Step 5: Hygiene. With your new treasures, please wash and clean thoroughly before wearing them. These items have been worn before.

Step 6: Don’t be afraid of thrifting. Don’t be afraid of thrifting or thirft stores; your friends are probably doing it too.

Start your own path of thrifting and create an adventure! Good luck!