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Frank Ocean is arguably one of 2011’s biggest break out stars in the world of music. Not only has he released his own project “Nostalgia, Ultra” to high acclaim, he’s also been featured as a writer on several of the biggest albums of the year. Not to mention he was also honored as GQ‘s Rookie Of The Year in their annual Men Of The Year spread.

Here he chats with L’Uomo Vogue Italia (translated: Italian Men’s Vogue) to discuss  his 2011. The writer touts him as the greatest R&B lyricist since Prince. That’s a kind of lofty comparison, especially since Ocean himself wouldn’t even classify his music as R&B or Urban. However, his songwriting talent can not be denied!

The article also unveils the truth behind his legal name change, his desire to run for president, and plans for a trip to Zuccotti Park in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here’s a little of what he had to say:

My generation just doesn’t have the best taste in leadership. And weak leadership means little to no cohesion. If there’s no cohesion, there’s no real chance for effective protest or politics. Obviously, looking at Occupy Wall Street, there are a few in our bunch who still give a damn enough to rally and shout

Read the rest of the feature here, and check out the editorial photos from the shoot below: