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December 1st is World AIDS Day! This epidemic has taken the lives of so many, and the truth is, the disease is 100% preventable. Protect yourself by practicing safer sex, making sure your tattoo artist is using fresh, sterile needles, and by getting tested. In this instance, what you don’t know can and will hurt you. There are plenty of testing sites offering free screenings today, and you can find out where they are by visiting this site.

The team at ONE has set a goal to create the first AIDS free generation by 2015. Every day 1000 babies around the world are born with HIV. By 2015, it’s possible to take that number down to 0. For more information, check out the 2015 Quilt website. In support of this goal, international superstars and AIDS activists Bono & Alicia Keys are live with President Obama (and former Presidents Bush & Clinton) to present a world AIDS event. You can watch the event LIVE below.