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It’s always nerve-racking when it’s about that time to meet “The Parentals”. Most importantly they first judge on first impression, in other words, what you’re wearing.

In selecting what to wear (of course depending on the occasion of the meet), it’s best to follow personal style so they have gist of who you are.

On cosmopolitan.com they have a couple of “parental looks” for women such as:

  1. Little black dress with basic embellishments or and different textures added to the dress; i.e. pockets, bows and pleats.
  2.  Clothing that aren’t revealing and aren’t body-con fitted to the eye.
  3. Simple accessories that compliment your look. You want to be comfortable and relaxed in what you’re wearing.

…For men:

  1. A nice fitted button down or Polo and slacks or “light weight” jeans.
  2. Refrain from having your pants below the waist line.
  3. Simple accessories as well; hats is not needed show your handsome face, loafers are the trend for men’s apparel for casual wear.

Simplicity and being comfortable is much needed when creating a first impression with your attire. Good luck with the parentals!