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One of my favorite sayings is “know your strengths”. It’s self explanatory. You should know what you’re good at, play that up, and keep quiet about the things you aren’t so good at. Tyrese hasn’t taken my advice, but he definitely should, and he should do it ASAP. He recently sat down with Jas Fly for NecoleBitchie.com, to give independent ladies a little advice. You can watch it below:

Now, while some of the things he said were good, in theory, it was the extra stuff he threw in, about dogs and more importantly bi-sexuality & homosexuality that completely threw me off. I’m not sure why everyone wants to give advice these days, but I hope that Mr. Gibson sticks to promoting his album, without giving confusing directives about how I should live my life. Can we just stick to the music, please?

Speaking of his new album Open Invitation, it did well for an independent release, selling over 80K copies in it’s first week. It’s a great body of work, and if you’re a fan of R&B you should definitely get into it.