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After Brett Ratner resigned from his duties as producer of the 84th Annual Academy Awards (due to afew homophobic and generally off-color remarks) it seemed to be only a matter of time before his friend Eddie Murphy (who had been tapped to host the show) dropped out as well. According to multiple sources, the resignation came in support of Ratner’s decision to leave the show. Ratner directed of Murphy’s latest film “Tower Heist”, a film that he was hoping would ignite a career “comeback”.  It was Ratner, originally who submitted Murphy’s name as a candidate to host one the most sought after jobs in the film industry. With Eddie Murphy (sitting on the bench with his buddy) out, the question that is circulating around Hollywood who is in the running to fill his place.

Will be it long time host, Billy Crystal?  Could it be Ellen?  How about Chris Rock? There has even been talk of Hugh Jackman hosting. Although THE UPTOWN LOUNGE couldn’t influence the decision, take our poll to see whom you and fellow readers agree on.