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What was meant to be a peaceful protest turned into a scene out of a war movie last night in Oakland, California. Members of the Occupy Oakland protest say that they found themselves fighting off tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons at the hands of over 500 police officers in riot gear from all over the state of California.

Police have refuted their claims, saying that the use of tear gas was justified, after protesters began throwing paint, beer, eggs and other items on the officers. Over 100 Oakland protesters have been arrested since yesterday, and the numbers are only expected to continue to rise as the tension mounts.

Because there seems to have been no media presence in the area during the time of the alleged dismantling of the crowd, this story leaves us with only a few pictures and a he said/she said type scenario. What we all know is true, however, is that there is something going on in this country that needs to be addressed.

It always amazes me how the media ignores the tough realities in America. We’re We’re a celebrity driven culture, so unless someone famous has something to say about a situation, it’s often times disregarded in the news. We’re quick to applaud the uprising against social and political injustices in other countries, but the moment something happens in America, we either shun it, or ignore it like it’s not happening. The fact of the matter is people are hurting, upset and in need of change. If it continues to be ignored, it will only get worse before anything gets better.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s happening at Occupy Oakland, make sure you visit their official website by clicking here.

pic credit [LATIMES]