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I can already hear the slander building from the depths of the peanut gallery. Last night, Kim Kardashian shared “big news” with her twitter family of 10mil+. She’s been cast in Tyler Perry‘s new film The Marriage Counselor which is of course, an adaptation of his stage play of the same title.

According to Deadline, the movie tells the story of Judith (who will be portrayed by Jurnee Smollett) an Ivy League educated marriage counselor who becomes so bored with her own marriage, that she cheats on her husband with one of her clients. Kim will play Ava, Judith’s co-worker, who through a make-over and a little encouragement, boosts Judith’s self-confidence in her time of need. The film begins production on Wednesday (October 26th.)

This will be interesting to say the least, but I know PLENTY of people will pack the theaters to see it. Will you be one of them?