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Victoria’s Secret‘s annual fashion show has increasingly become more of a Hollywood production as the years have progressed. (I mean it had to, because the product doesn’t really vary dramatically from year to year. There’s only so much you can do with underwear.) At this point, it’s just as much a behind-the-scenes model reality show and concert as it is an actual runway show. Nevertheless, I always find myself watching.

This year, Kanye West is a featured performer. He recently had his own foray into the world of women’s wear, which was met with lots of negativity from fashion’s elite. VS Angel Chanel Iman (pictured above) was one of the featured models in his Parisian showing of Dw. Maybe his beautiful dark twisted presence will draw a different audience…? Who knows. Pop band Maroon 5 will also take the stage during the show. This year’s $2.5Mil diamond encrusted “Treasure Fantasy” bra will be sported by VS Angel Miranda Kerr. Make sure to tune in when it airs November 29th on CBS.

spotted @ [CUT]