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Whenever Beyonce touches down in Houston, red carpets roll out… and trumpets sound and the sun shines just a tad bit brighter. Just kidding. But when she does make a rare appearance in the H, she’s welcomed like the hometown jewel that she is.

Today was no exception. She made an impromptu appearance at an event where her mother Tina Knowles was being interviewed and honored by the University of Houston‘s women’s studies department. Attendees were reportedly all a flutter when the Mommy-To-Be (accompanied by her amazing Birkin bag and her cousin/assistant Angie Beyince) came and sat in the audience to listen to the presentation. Of course, Twitter was on fire at the mere mention of her name, and about 45 minutes after the initial rumors began…someone found a way to snap a Twitpic. They made the wise decision of snapping it while Mrs. Knowles-Carter’s big body guard Julius had his head down… because, he has been known to smash a camera or two. o_0

The queen is home. Who knows for how long, but…nevertheless, it has been a beautiful day in Houston. Keep reading to see the pandemonium that ensued when U of H students got word that Beyonce was in their library, plus, more pics:

Thanks for the pics: @_iPhreshy, @BeyonceLite