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It’s a battle of the features today.

After an intern leaked this track last week (and subsequently got fired…eeek) Tyrese and his team asked me to share these tracks from his forthcoming album Open Invitation with you guys. Because I’m always down for a good wedding song… I happily obliged. Here’s a little background on the song in Tyrese’s own words:

“This is a wedding song that was written for the ‘First Dance” where

the husband is speaking blessings into his wife’s life and she’s doing

the same in the second verse”  We were long overdue for a new classic

wedding song embrace and enjoy”

There are two versions of the song “For The Rest Of Our Lives”, one featuring Brandy, and the other featuring Melanie Fiona. The question I ask you today is simple: who sang it better? Take a listen to both tracks below, and then cast your vote.

Tyrese & Brandy

DL: Tyrese x Brandy – “For The Rest Of Our Lives”

Tyrese & Melanie Fiona

DL: Tyrese x Melanie Fiona – “For The Rest Of Our Lives”

My opinion? I’m partial to the Melanie Fiona version. What do you think?