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Earlier today young entrepreneur/socialite/hip-hop royalty Angela Simmons unveiled a new ad campaign in collaboration with animal rights group PETA. If you didn’t know, Angela is a vegetarian, and is 100% unashamed of her strong Christian faith. It’s her belief that eating meat endangers too many innocent animals, and as Christians, we should exercise compassion for all living things. She chose to show her support of animal rights by posing nude in an Adam & Eve themed photoshoot that was debuted on her uncle Russell SimmonsGlobalGrind a few short hours ago.

Since then, the GlobalGrind site has crashed a couple of times…and at the time of this publication, it is still down because so many readers have been attempting to access the pictures. Whew.

I believe it was Malcolm X who said “If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything”… so I think it’s awesome that Angela (who turned 24 last week) has decided to make a strong statement about her beliefs, but the rest of the blogosphere is in a judgmental uproar about the pictures. The main issue: she’s the daughter of a Reverend, and the nude shots contradict her statements about being a devout follower of Christ.

What do I think? Well… this isn’t the first time Angela has tastefully posed nude. Keyword: tastefully. Now this would be a different story if the photos in question were from a webcam/cell phone, and if the pics were really provocative. Would I have done this? Probably not, but…I won’t be the one to pass any judgment on her. The ads have served their purpose: they got people talking.  The pic below is what’s gotten everyone up in arms:

Well, what do you think? Discuss in the comment section: