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This video is truly dope. Renaissance Brooklynite MeLo-X teamed up with director Dr. Woo to bring you the visuals for his track BK ALLNIGHTER.

The multi-faceted artist debuted this video on Life + Times, and also sat down for an interview. Here’s a short excerpt:

L+T: You have songs that you have completely dismantled and reconstructed to make it sound a certain way. Why?
: I never really go into it with the idea of improving it because the original is always the best. There was a time when you didn’t sample new music, only things from old vinyl. I realized that a lot of the newer music I was hearing was very inspiring. I started with Amy Winehouse’s album and after that, anytime I heard anything that was ill I would sample it.

L+T: On your projects, even though there are so many different vibes, nothing ever sounds out of place. Is that a conscious effort?
: I take a lot of time sonically mixing a project. I’ll actually do a live DJ set with the songs on a project to see how it all sounds together. That all goes back to my DJ background and controlling the vibe while telling a story with the music.

You can read the rest of the interview here, and watch the video below.