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When I think of iconic hood relationships, the first thought that comes to mind is Jody and Evette from the John Singleton film Baby Boy. Portrayed by Tyrese Gibson & Taraji P. Henson respectively, dialogues between those two characters have been a constant fixture in our banter since the movie debuted in 2001. Those roles also made collaborations between Gibson & Henson something that people look forward to.

Now heavily preparing for his triumphant return back into the music scene, Tyrese tapped his former co-star to be the leading lady in the music video/short film for his new single simply entitled “Stay” While I’m not the biggest fan of some of the things Black Ty shares on Twitter…I can not deny the fact that he makes GREAT music. Check out the trailer for “Stay”…the full video is coming soon. I mean really, who ever thought they’d see the day when Jody was driving a Rolls Royce? Ha. Watch below: