Off of the strength of her latest EP Gone (Urban/Suburban), Musinah is ready to embark on a tour across our great nation, but she wants to make sure you want to see her in your town. The singer/songwriter has launched an “On Demand Tour” campaign via her website. Here are the details from the woman herself:

“The fact is, I’m ready to hit the road but I can only book stops where the demand for one is clearly established, which is where YOU come! So if your city can show us THE NUMBERS (in the form of potential ticket holders)
ie. 120+ group members by September 18th, we’ll have cause to schedule a tour stop for you all!

So here are your “3 Easy Steps to Helping Bring Muhsinah to Your City”:
1. Choose your city’s from the alphabetized list, click “Bring Muhsinah to My City!” and Join the Facebook Group.
2. Invite the 2 people “most likely to buy a ticket” to the live show, to your city’s group page.
3. Post links to your favorite Muhsinah song(s), video(s) and/or interview(s), to share with other group members.

That’s it! Now just imagine what might happen if each individual group member participates as suggested… the possibilities are ENDLESS!”

If you’re interested, make sure you stop by the site and make sure your city is on the list.