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Well. Well. Well. Someone pass me a cold glass of water…

Beyonce gave E! News exclusive first access to the premiere of her video for “1+1”yesterday evening…and its definitely one worth watching. King B adds director to her resume after this offering, in which she took a cue from Trey Songz and modeled a number of love faces. There was water, high levels of gold infused bronzer, and a super fine man (not her husband) kissing her passionately. Is the air on in here…? Sheesh.

When I first heard this song and imagined the visual…it wasn’t this, but…I guess I got lost in the love portions of the lyrics and forgot/ignored her cooing “make love to me” for a good portion of the song. It’s sexy, but classy…a perfect reflection of the brand that is Beyonce. Check it out below.