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A couple of years ago around this time, Three/21 Media and Rik Cordero arranged this incredible 34 track mixtape complete with the best of Aaliyah, and several of her previously unreleased tracks (mostly remixes.) Tracklist and DL link below:

Disc 1 Tracklist:
01. Back And Forth
02. At Your Best [You Are Love]
03. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
04. One In A Million
05. Hot Like Fire
06. If Your Girl Only Knew
07. Choosey Lover [Old School/New School]
08. 4 Page Letter
09. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
10. The One I Gave My Heart To
11. We Need A Resolution
12. Rock The Boat
13. Loose Rap
14. More Than A Woman
15. Read Between The Lines
16. It’s Whatever
17. Jesse Boykins III – I Care 4 U (Aaliyah Tribute)
Disc 2 Tracklist:
01. Back & Forth [Mr. Lee And R. Kelly’s Remix]
02. Are You Ready? [Sunset Park Soundtrack]
03. One In A Million (Remi)(Feat. Ginuwine)[Sprung Soundtrack]
04. Stickin’ Chickens (Feat. Missy Elliot And Da Brat)[“Da Real World” Album]
05. Journey To The Past [Anastasia Soundtrack]
06. Are You That Somebody? [Dr. Doolittle Soundtrack]
07. Best Friends (Feat. Missy Elliot)[“Supa Dupa Fly” Album]
08. Final Warning (Feat. Ginuwine)[“100% Ginuwine” Album]
09. Man Undercover (Feat. Timbaland)[“Welcome To Our World” Album]
10. You Won’t See Me Tonight (Feat. Nas)[“I Am” Album]
11. Turn The Page [Music Of The Heart Soundtrack]
12. John Blaze (Feat. Timbaland)[“Tim’s Bio” Album]
13. I Don’t Wanna [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
14. Try Again [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
15. Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX)[Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
16. Are You Feelin’ Me? [Romeo Must Die Soundtrack]
17. Ain’t Never (Feat. Outsiderz)[“Outsiderz4life” Album]
18. I’m Music (Feat. Beck)[Tribute Single/”Indecent Proposal” Album]

DL: Baby Girl: The Best of Aaliyah (Mixtape)