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The Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye) has become somewhat like this season’s dark horse break out star. The Toronto native, who has been co-signed by Drake, sent the internet into a frenzy last Thursday, when he released his second (and highly anticipated mixtape) Thursday for free download. Since then, the innanet streets have been buzzing and some what clamoring for more from the elusive young star, but he has been notoriously tight-lipped, sharing very few details about his forthcoming project Echoes Of Silence which is set to be released sometime this fall.

Maybe it’s just me, but… I guess I was expecting more. His first offering, House Of Balloons told a masterful, drug induced fairy tale, while Thursday seemed less cohesive. That’s not to say that the project isn’t good, because it is, but I tend to judge a record by how many songs I skip. We all know that the mark of an amazing project is the ability to play it all the way through, without skipping…and I definitely didn’t do that with this one. I could attribute this to the fact that I had already heard several of the tracks, but even more so, because it just didn’t give me the same feeling that House Of Balloons did. Musically, it’s still hard to classify…because although The Weeknd is singing…it’s not quite what I would call R&B. It’s more like trip-hop & neo-blues. Yes, I just created that genre. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here, but I’m sure the next time we see him, it’ll be on Drake’s forthcoming sophomore effort Take Care, which is set to hit stores on October 24th.

Stand out tracks? Definitely “The Zone” which features Drake, and the title track “Thursday”. The other stuff is cool…but, yeah. Check those two tracks out first.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to download it yet, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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