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Rachel Roy is one of my favorite designers. I’ve always been a fan of the way she blends feminine flirty elements with classic structured pieces. RACHEL is a really great line, filled with dresses, cardigans and everything else you can think of that would make a lady look great.

Of late, one of my favorite things to do is check out marketing campaigns and the different trends that are emerging in that discipline across the music and fashion industries. One of the big deals this year in fashion has been video look books. Where as in past years, look books consisted mainly of still photos of models showcasing the designs for the upcoming season, video provides consumers an opportunity to see how the designs really look…how they move, and flow with those wearing it. With the progression in technology, I think this is a perfect idea. For some, it’s hard to imagine what we see on the runway at fashion week being worked into our everyday wardrobe. With real life examples, the fashion is more accessible to everyone.

Rachel Roy and her team have taken it to another level, by creating an actual story to go along with the looks. Check it out below.