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Dee-1 continues to provide us with that New Orleans bread heat. His latest track “Cornerback Blitz,” produced by Flight School, is a motivational anthem for all of those on a path to success. Here’s the story behind the song, in his words:

Setting: 1AM studio conversation in New Orleans. “What’s it called in music when you come out of nowhere and all of a sudden make everybody pay attention to your movement?” No one had a clear answer. Then Dee-1 hopped off the sofa and said “A Cornerback Blitz! If you pull it off you can mess around and change the game.”

There is definitely something to be said about this young man. In a game full of negativity, he is definitely a positive light that everyone should get a chance to see. Follow @Dee1Music on Twitter and make sure you tell him I sent you.

DL: Dee-1 – Cornerback Blitz