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Jayceon is doing a good job of drumming up controversy ahead of the release of his new project The RED Album. This time, however, he may have to deal with the boys in blue.

Friday evening, The Game posted a number on his Twitter page and urged followers interested in an internship with his company to give it a call for more information. This would have been all well and good, had the number not been the emergency line to the LA County Sheriff’s Department. According to HuffPo, the lines at the Compton station were bogged down for HOURS while many of Game’s 580,000 followers called in, blocking others with serious emergencies, and forcing the station to call in back up to deal with the influx of calls. After several requests from detectives, he finally deleted the tweet around 11pm Friday night, but the damage had already been done. His response?



An investigation is in progress and evidence will be delivered to the D.A.’s office this coming week. Should they choose to pursue a case, The Game could face charges of maliciously disrupting or impeding communications over a public safety radio frequency, obstruction of justice and any other charges related to delaying an officer from doing what they are paid and commissioned to do.

I personally feel like there are better ways to promote your album. I know whoever raised him taught him not to play on the phone. We’ll see how this all pans out…but he’s gotta do better. The Red Album hits stores next week, August 23rd.