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A few months ago, I was (re)introduced to an artist named Muhsinah. I had heard her featured on various tracks with her frequent collaborators The Foreign Exchange, but never really knew who she was. Fortunately for me, I got put on, and since, I’ve been exposed to a wealth of amazing music. Today I’m sharing a bit of it with you.

A few days ago, Muhsinah released a free double EP called Gone. It features three new songs, two versions each (one with an urban feel, and one with a suburban [rock tinged] feel.) For those of us who have eclectic taste, this is the perfect project to satisfy our desires. If not, there’s a little something for everyone!

The urban EP leads off with the track “One” which is, by far, my favorite record of the six. Take a listen below:

Are you feeling it like I am? If so, make sure you download the project HERE and follow Muhsinah on TWITTER



The Gone 2xEP has been added to my “In Heavy Rotation” section, which you can find in the sidebar of this page. Check it out, and support great music.