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On this episode of “When Auto-Tune Goes Wrong”…

Brian McKnight returns to the scene with this offering from an unnamed forthcoming project. In, what I guess, is an attempt to remain relevant in today’s changing musical landscape, the man behind classic R&B like “Anytime” “Back At One””Never Felt This Way” and “Love Of My Life” has fallen victim to the allure of mis-using auto-tune.

Lyrically, the song is really good. Had he just sung it, this song would be great. HOWEVER…he didn’t.

The video is almost as weird as the song. 4 moving panes, with four different stories, and we’re not really sure why, how or if they’re even connected in any way. Oh, and none of them match the lyrics in the song.

Maybe someone can help me understand. Until then, this gets a major side-eye.