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Well…I almost forgot about this. You know how it is, when stuff gets really quiet in the media.

Last fall when news broke on the sexual scandal between Bishop Eddie Long and 4 young male members of his congregation, the world was on fire. Known for his strong stance against homosexuality, Long’s alleged affairs with 4 young men caused a stir in the Christian community and America at large.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that the cases have been settled, and that the charges against Bishop Long would be dropped by close of business tomorrow.

While no terms of the settlement have been disclosed, the word around the net is that Bishop Long shelled out a cool 15 Million dollars to make this little situation go away.

Bishop Long has never admitted responsibility for the allegations against him, but no one really pays when they’re not guilty.

No judgement though.

I hope everyone gets a chance to move on with their lives, although if the allegations are true, these guys will live with the backlash for the rest of their lives.