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One of my future aspirations is to produce and direct my own films. I’ve done one already…back in high school, but I’m looking forward to bringing more stories to the screen soon. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the inspiration that comes from watching the work of other filmmakers. The latest film on my watchlist is A. Sayeeda Clarke’s “White”. Here’s the synopsis:

It’s another 120-degree day with five more days to Christmas and hot is the only season left in New York City. Global warming has accelerated and the sun has become a tangible threat to survival. Bato and his wife Gina are expecting a baby, but they weren’t expecting it so early. Although they planned to have the baby at home, Gina now requires the services of a clinic for the premature delivery. With no money for the clinic, Bato enters into a race against the sun, the birth, his community, and even his own identity to save his family as he is forced to sell the new currency of this world.

This film will definitely make you think about what effects race relations & global warming will have on our future, while showcasing the true strength of a man so dedicated to his family that he’d be willing to literally give up a part of what makes him who he is to provide for them. Watch the trailer below, plus find the link to watch the entire film.

WATCH NOW: “WHITE” – A film by A. Sayeeda Clarke