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Teyana Taylor (of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 fame) is a ride or die friend…allegedly.

TMZ reported earlier today that police out in California are looking for Tey for questioning in regards to an incident that took place over the weekend outside of a Burbank recording studio. As the story goes…a young lady made a negative comment about Teyana’s good friend, R&B singer Chris Brown, and Teyana wasn’t having it. Apparently a witness saw her punch the girl in the face until she fell to the ground, and then proceeded to kick and stomp the girl in the stomach while she was down.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. No charges have been filed…yet. However, she may have told on herself via Twitter…maybe. Read the following tweets from a conversation with a friend and tell me what you think. Could I be reading too far into it?


Of course, Teyana has disputed all of the claims, and tweeted the following message to her fans this afternoon: