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Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Miss Mykie’s “Love Repair: The Movie”.

Held at Houston’s Studio Movie Grill in Town & Country…the event brought together people from in and around Houston’s burgeoning “industry” scene to witness Yung Chill’s directorial debut. In fact, there were so many people there (in the aisles, on laps, in walkways etc) that the organizers had to run two screenings of the film just to accommodate all of those who bought tickets. The premiere event also featured live performances from Miss Mykie and her on-screen love interest rapper Marcus Manchild.

Slated to coincide with Mykie’s Love Repair EP, the film follows the recent trend in long form videos (see: Kanye’s “Runaway”) that incorporates many of the tracks from a project to tell a visual story. Aesthetically, the piece is pretty good. Apart from a few weird transition choices, the film was shot and edited well. The only let down for me, was the ending, but I’ll let you form your own decision as you watch the short film for yourself below.