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Rapper/Actor Bow Wow is trying to establish himself as the new go to guy for film and music.

With a number of major motion picture roles under his belt, the 24 year old is trying his hand at the small screen by starring in a new, Ice Cube produced sitcom which will be scored by his longtime mentor Jermaine Dupri. Still in early production phases, the show is looking for writers, and is thus currently un-named. Bow recently spoke with AllHipHop.com and had this to say about the show:

“I partnered with Ice Cube and he is producing my sitcom. I told JD when Will had his own show, Quincy Jones did all the music so it’s only right that he does mine. So I got him doing all the scores to the TV show.”

Bow is really setting himself to follow in Will Smith’s path…which is funny because not too long ago, he was dissing Will. I’ll just chalk that one up to maturity though.