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Well, sort of.

If you’ve been wondering where Jill Scott has been, and why there hasn’t been any new music from her in several years, blame it on legal troubles with her former label, Hidden Beach. Contractual issues prevented her music from reaching her fans, but she’s got new life and new opportunities at a new label, Warner Music.

Her first official release via Warner will be Words & Sounds Vol. 4: The Light Of The Sun, but through some kind of political legal hodgepodge, Hidden Beach will also be releasing a Jill Scott album this summer entitled Just Before Dawn: Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1. It may be through some unfortunate circumstances, but Scott fans will get a double dose of what they’ve been missing really soon…and it all starts with her new single featuring (F)emcee EVE.

Entitled “Shame”…the song already has a video in the can and will be officially released in the next few weeks. Get prepared, this summer is bound to be filled with great music! Check out the song below…