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More often than not I find myself questioning the sincerity of celebrity relationships. Everything…and I mean everything, depends on image, status, and public perception. Whether you want to believe it or not, many “romances” and “flings” are created by publicists and managers to generate buzz for upcoming albums, movies, mixtapes (or sextapes.) It can be all a game, and the best know how to play it well. So when new couples pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, my immediate reaction is a long-side eye until proven otherwise. (see Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey)

Next up on the list “we’re going to prove you wrong” relationships… Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa. Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, former Ford Model and burgeoning reality star Amber…and America’s new favorite pot puffing professional rhymer Wiz have become inseparable in the last month or so. Appearances, video shoots, red carpets and interviews, hand in hand, and occasionally tongue to tongue, these two are staking a claim for the new hot couple title, and it must be slightly serious [sigh], as Wiz recently tatted her name on the inside of his thumb (Not that his body isn’t already marked up like the subway in Harlem – © Weezy)

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out…it has all the makings of a hood-classic fairytale, but all isn’t fair in Love & Hip-Pop. Next thing you know, we’ll be referring to them as Wamber and prematurely wondering what their non-existent children will look like. Check out this gallery of precious moments & love faces.