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One person that I would never imagine being a part of a beef is B.o.B

After a string of crossover pop hits, Bobby Ray has positioned himself as one of the leaders of the new wave of young talent poised to really take over the industry. With success also comes detractors.

On his wildly popular track “Yonkers”…Tyler The Creator (of the up & coming hip-hop collective Odd Future) had some choice words for B.o.B and his friends Haley Williams & Bruno Mars.

Truthfully…I don’t know why B.o.B even fed into it, but the anger made for a really good freestyle. Check it out, and keep reading to see the video from Tyler the Creator that started it all.

DL: B.o.B – No Future


Here’s the video that started it all. Disclaimer: This is a little disturbing and probably not suitable for the little ones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.