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Gotta be totally honest with you. I was completely indifferent about this year’s Superbowl. As a matter of fact, I slept through the majority of the first quarter. Hey. What can I say. My team wasn’t playing. (Who Dat.) At any rate, the Green Bay Packers & Pittsburgh Steelers put on a great effort, and The Packers came up victorious. Hopefully now we can stop hearing Wiz Khalifa’s #1 single “Black & Yellow” for a little while, as it has quickly become the most overplayed song in the country.

One of the best parts of the game happens between plays and during commercials. You know, the commercials! To place an ad during the big game, companies paid upwards of 3 million dollars for 30 second spots. That is a LOT of money. Unfortunately…there weren’t many that really caught my attention, or really made me laugh. Here are my top two choices.

Volkswagen hit the nail on the head with this super cute commercial that features a little boy trying to find his inner Darth Vader.

And then, a triumphant return for Eminem and the city of Detroit with this powerful Chrysler commercial.

Eminem probably made BIG bank, because he was featured in TWO Superbowl ads, the one you just watched, and one for Brisk that was pretty funny as well. Apparently, there were over 60 commercials that aired during the game. You can see them all, and vote for your favorites by clicking HERE.