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Trey Songz will not stop.

His insatiable work ethic has driven him back into the studio, to create more hits for his fans to rock to. After releasing his latest album “Passion Pain Pleasure” back in September 2010, Trey has headlined his own tour, toured with Usher, and recently announced that he would be touring with Ne-Yo throughout the UK.

“We’ll be overseas for two months making sure that I’m world-renowned as a great tour act versus just another song,” he explains. “I put in a lot of work to be loved and welcomed in arenas and shows in America, so I want the same thing for overseas. I’m just exploring every opportunity, and I definitely will be making (new) music when I come back.”

He recently spoke with Billboard, and explained his passion for constant creation.

“I want to release an album this year, we’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. I’m not pressed or in a rush to make an album right now, but I always have a need to make music.”

He also went on to say that he’s not quite sure what direction his album will go…but that he’s looking to do something new:

“I’m feeling very creative…so it may be something I’ve never done before. There’s always a certain amount of pressure there, but I like that. With every album, I definitely want to grow my audience as well as myself.”

I’m hoping that doesn’t mean he’ll be producing more euro-pop Top 40 sounding records…only because, out of all the male artists who put out “R&B” albums last year, he (& R. Kelly) were the only ones who really made Rhythm and Blues albums.

Regardless, I’ll support it. Look for more Trey coming soon.