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On this week in 1989, two classic R&B songs were tearing up the Billboard charts. It was so difficult for me to choose which song to pick today, that I decided not to choose. I’ll share both.

The first, the number one R&B song in the country on February 4th 1989, is one of the most covered R&B songs ever. If you think about it, most of the male R&B groups that you love have probably tried to remake it. It comes from New Edition.

Can You Stand The Rain, a single from their album Heart Break…is one of my favorite songs recorded by “grown-up” New Edition. Watch the video below.

The second video is from Karyn White… her single Superwoman from her self-titled debut album was ranked at number 3 on this week in 1989. This is a classic example of “woman fed up”. Ladies will love the song, guys will enjoy Karyn White. She’s gorgeous.